2023-03-06 10:43:10 +01:00

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These are my dotfiles. There's many like them out there, but these ones are mine blah blah blah something or other

I manage these using chezmoi. I've tried many methods over the years, from manual symlinking (hell!) to using GNU stow (annoying) to using Nix's home-manager (entirely different kind of hell), and chezmoi is what works for me with the least amount of headache.

So to install on a fresh laptop:

# You also need rustup and Rust installed or else Fish will complain
$PACKAGEMANAGER install chezmoi zoxide fish
chezmoi init git@codeberg.org:shadows_withal/home.git # or HTTPS URL if you're not me hehe
chezmoi apply
source ~/.config/fish/config.fish
# from here on out, see what breaks and fix it!